Adelante is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt, non-profit cultural and advocacy organization serving low-income, Spanish-speaking, immigrant communities in Brooklyn and the greater metropolitan area.

Our mission is to facilitate social change and integration in American society by working with, advocating for, and organizing immigrant families for the attainment of basic rights, social justice, and equal opportunity.

We believe that lasting social change is best achieved by building long-term relationships based around creative capacity-building in an environment that recognizes and encourages a community’s unique cultural diversity.

We seek to develop culturally embedded programming that supports identity; that builds cross-cultural and inter-group skills and understanding; that helps heal the wounds of distress and exclusion as a result of immigration and that addresses social inequities through community building.

Building these relationships, we believe, is the key to affecting long-term social change that has the power to simulate, enrich, and empower the community from its roots.


Our vision is to serve and empower Spanish-speaking immigrant populations by organizing around issues of  educational and economic justice, residency-related issues, community media, family-oriented cultural events and community organizing.


Is to encourage and motivate immigrants to prepare themselves so they can pursue their dreams and goals with dignity, and on equal footing with other people in the United States.


Directors help Adelante Alliance work towards its mission by supervising the activities of the organization and providing expert advice.


Rachel Daniell is a specialist in creating print materials, managing electronic data, and project management for nonprofit and educational organizations. She worked at Scholastic Inc., publisher of children’s books and reading programs, in their educational division for over five years. As a freelance consultant to nonprofit organizations, she has created program management databases in FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access, and MySQL/PHP, has created technology assessments and upgrade plans, and has assisted organizations in their media management strategies.

Rachel is responsible for advising the organization on the design and implementation of programs and activities. In addition, she is advises on organizational administration, budgeting, data management, and managing office operations.


 PPH Co-Director Deepa Fernandes is an award-winning journalist, who is currently the director of Radio Rootz, she worked as a host of Wakeup Call, the morning news show at WBAI 99.5 FM. Since 2003, Deepa has anchored most of the major national broadcasts for the Pacifica Network, including election year events, Supreme Court nomination hearings and major congressional investigations. Deepa, herself an immigrant, has just authored a book titled Targeted Homeland Security and the Business of Immigration, on immigration policy and history that was just published by Seven Stories Press last month. Deepa has received prestigious New York City Community Fellowships from the Open Society Institute.

Deepa is responsible for advising us with our programs, especially our media collective; our youth participate in her programs.


Tania Ketenjian is a  multi-lingual radio journalist. Initially working as a news reporter at WBAI-Pacifica Radio in New York. She worked for Studio 360 and later American Public Media’s Weekend America. After moving to the west coast, Tania began hosting and producing her own weekly program called Sight Unseen, which airs on KALX in Berkeley and is syndicated on Resonance FM in London. Tania contributes to local NPR affiliate KALW, continues producing for Studio 360 and Weekend America, and produces for international stations such as the CBC in Canada and ABC in Australia.

Tania is responsible for advising the organization on the design and implementation of programs and activities. She also advises the organization on fundraising and publicity.


NYCMA Executive Director, editor of Voices That Must Be Heard.

A former IPA Ethnic Journalist Fellow, Juana has also been the editor-in-chief of Siete Cuentos Editorial, the Spanish-language imprint at Seven Stories Press. She is the Executive Director of Esta en tus manos, a nonprofit Spanish-language editorial organization, and has served on New York State Council on the Arts (2000-2003). In addition, she is the former editor of LS, the literary supplement for New Mass Media newspapers. She has edited several literary collections, including Our Word is Our Weapon — Selected Writings of Subcomandante Marcos, Dream With No Name — Contemporary Cuban Fiction. She also co-edited an anthology of community testimonies entitled In Search of Common Unity.

Juana is responsible for advising the organization on its planned programs and activities and on publicity and community outreach. She advises us on the ethnic press in New York.


Greg Ruggiero is the founder and editorial director of the Open Media book series published by City Lights Books. Ruggiero co-founded the Open Media series in 1991, and has since published some of the most important scholars, writers, and social justice advocates of our time, including The Dalai Lama, Alice Walker, Noam Chomsky, Angela Y. Davis, Howard Zinn, Nancy Chang and Ralph Nader. Greg worked as senior editor of Seven Stories Press from 1997 to 2005. Greg was a program director of the New York City-based, popular education-oriented, nonprofit The Learning Alliance. He is editor of many books, and author of Microradio and Democracy: (Low)power to the People.

Greg is responsible for advising the organization on the design and implementation of programs and activities, including helping to structure detailed program management strategies. In addition, he advises on outreach and administration. He helps us with English.